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NDR Management

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NDR Management

NextIn Logistics has a team of experienced and dedicated NDR managers who are responsible for the overall management of non-deliverable (NDR) cases. The NDR managers work closely with the customer service team to ensure that all NDR cases are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

NDR Notification:

The customer service team is the first point of contact for customers who have experienced a non-delivery. The customer service team will work with the customer to gather information about the NDR case, such as the tracking number, the date of shipment, and the reason for the non-delivery.

NDR Investigation:

Once the NDR case has been received, the NDR manager will investigate the case to determine the cause of the non-delivery. The NDR manager may contact the carrier, the customer, or other third-party stakeholders to gather information about the NDR case.

NDR Resolution:

Once the cause of the non-delivery has been determined, the NDR manager will work to resolve the case. The NDR manager may issue a refund to the customer, arrange for a reshipment, or take other steps to resolve the case.

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