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Weight Reconcillation

Nextin Logistics offers weight reconciliation services to help businesses ensure the accuracy of their shipping data. This process involves comparing the weight of a shipment as it is loaded onto a truck or plane to the weight of the shipment as it is unloaded at its destination. Any discrepancies are investigated and resolved to ensure that customers are billed for the correct amount of shipping charges.

Weight reconciliation is an important part of logistics management because it helps to prevent fraud and ensure that businesses are not overcharged for shipping. It also helps to ensure that customers receive the correct amount of product.

Manual weighing: This is the most basic method of weight reconciliation and involves manually weighing each shipment as it is loaded and unloaded.

Scales: Scales can be used to weigh shipments more quickly and accurately than manual weighing.

Barcode scanners: Barcode scanners can be used to scan the barcodes on shipping labels to automatically retrieve the weight of the shipment.

Software: Software can be used to automate the weight reconciliation process.

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